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Join us, as we radically change minds and hearts at transformative, uncensored adult storytelling concerts.

The Butterfly is a FREE community storytelling concert held the 4th Tuesday of each month at our Collingswood location.

Storytelling is the first art form.  From its inception on the continent of Africa, storytelling has been steeped in communal ethos.  It is an amalgamated event of teller and audience.  It teaches lessons, empowers voice and maintains societal values.  It makes us laugh, cry, gasp, hold on and release — It connects.

February 27:  Protest (resistance stories, surprised defiance, childhood rebellions)

March 27 : The Ripple Effect (One thing happened, then another, then another)

April 24 : Oops! (the journey of a mishap, life lessons learned from mistakes, the aura of an accident, a wrong that went right)

For more information about our Folklife Center & The Butterfly please click here.

If you would like to participate as a teller, please Submit to Tell Here.

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