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Our 37th annual photography exhibition exemplifies the best and most innovative work by photographers from throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Juror Hope Proper –  Renowned Collector, former Curator of Exhibitions & Founder of Perkins Center’s Photography Exhibition



Artist Reception
Saturday, February 3rd 2018, 1–4 pm
Awards Ceremony 2pm

Awards Totaling $1100

Museum Purchase Award
One photo in the exhibition will be selected by Peter Barberie Curator of Photographs,The Philadelphia Museum of Art for their permanent collection. The maximum payment to the artist for the Purchase Award (funded by Perkins Center) is $600.

Perkins Curators Award
Three artists will be invited by Perkins Center’s Curators for  inclusion in a future exhibition at our Collingswood Gallery in 2018.


Participating Artists: 

Amanda Abramson   Tall Man, Brooklyn, NY

Chris Andricola          Life /Debut

Philip Bagley             The Three

Richard Barden          Yesterday

Patricia Bender         Untitled (1)  / Enso

Martin Bernstein       New Philadelphia

Chuck Badia            Rorschach’s Fire Birds nest

Richard Bell             Frank’s War

Howard Brunner      2016-2916/2016-2795

Dave Burwell          Standing Watch

James Cicalese        Punk Christmas

John Clarke           Fishermen

Lynn Dunham       Permutations on Light and Space:

Wendy Brusca      Horsepower

Melvin Chappell    I Have a Dream

John Clarke             Chefchaoven

Sandra Davis          The Conversation: Aphrodite and Apollo

Jeff Feeny                Maevis Portrait

Michael Froio          Trenton Cut-Off, Langhorn, Pennsylvania

Annarita Gentile       Pawn / lukoil

Joseph Gilchrist        Clearing Skies Over Marshall Point Light / Pemaquid Light, Late Afternoon

Lionel Goodman            PARIS DENIZENS

William Jordan               Passing Through City Hall  / Night shift

Kate Geiringer              May I help you?

Annarita Gentile            Lukoil  and Pawn

Linda Hollinger              Karina’s Kitchen Peru

Aubrey J Kauffman       Wall of White / 3 Benches Shopping Cart

Linda Kimler                  Tango in Padua

Wayne Klaw                  Three Women #1 / Three Women #2

Randy Koslo                  Childhood Memories – Great Aunt  Dee waiting for her date / Thank you’s from Asbury Park

John Lien                       IPM Tulip / IPM Flowers in Yellow & Purple

Joan Lasota                    Angles & Lines #3″

Kelly Lynd                       Foggy Day

Schuyler McClain            It’s a Washout

Jonathan Michalik           Farm living

Jay Pastelak                    Fallen Yarrow

Roger Matsumoto            6 Panel Photogram – Leaf 42

Richard McGovern           New Year’s – Dressed in Color / Graffiti Abstraction / Mothers in Solidarity

Maria Papadopoulos        Michaela’s Animus

Gary Pelkey                      Portrait Series #9  /  Portrait Series #7

Richard Rappleyea           Milkweed

Mary Rigby                        Respite / Almuerza at Otalvalo, Ecuador

Mickie Rosen                    Ghost Farm / Hoagie Guys

Donnas Schaeffer             Chantelle

Neil Persh                         The Walk

Karen Sanabria                 Busy Day on 54th and 5th

Keith Sharp                       Steamed Window

Bea Soteros                      Marketplace in Cuba  /  Musical Performance in Cuba

J. Verni                             Free as a Bird / Americans in Italy / Gypsy begging

Joan Wheeler                   Night Street

Pat Steo                             Shadows and Light

Samuel Vovsi                   Tango Argentino 1


Photography 37 Prospectus

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*To enter all artists must register

Receiving Artwork
Friday, January 12, 10am –3:30pm
Sunday, January 14, 12pm –4pm

Pick-Up of Unaccepted Work
Friday, January 19, 10am –3pm
Sunday, January 21, 12pm –4pm

Pick-Up of Accepted Work
Sunday, March 25, 1pm – 5pm
Monday, March 26, 10am–3pm


Moorestown, Gallery Hours

Thursdays & Fridays 10am – 2pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm- 4pm


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