What is the role of Perkins’ Development and Partnerships department?

A brief introduction to the Development Department, how it works, and how you can help.

What is Development And Partnerships?

Perkins mainly relies on public generosity to facilitate its programming. This includes public engagement with the programming that Perkins regularly presents, as well as large-scale donations from corporate and foundational entities. The development department plays a crucial role in curating and generating public support. This department is dedicated to supporting the other departments at Perkins, fostering meaningful collaborations with external organizations and individuals, and ensuring that Perkins can maintain its mission of providing access to the arts for everyone.

Mary Carty creates many of her signature baskets by weaving around an eye-catching centerpiece item.

How do Development and Partnerships contribute to advancing Perkins’ goals?

Perkins Development and Partnerships strategically advances organizational goals by cultivating relationships with entities that share a commitment to the mission. Notable supporters include the Holman Foundation, Horizon Health, the New Jersey State Arts Council, and several others. These partnerships play a pivotal role in alleviating significant financial burdens, allowing Perkins to refrain from imposing such costs on community members. Specifically, support from these entities facilitates essential initiatives like the Artists Reaching The Schools residency program and directly contributes to ensuring artists receive a fair and sustainable wage. Through these established connections, Perkins can bolster its support for artists, classes, and events, fostering a vibrant and inclusive arts community. Furthermore, Development efforts extend to individual contributions from community members through donation drives and public appeals, forming a vital component of sustained growth and impact.

How can I support Perkins Development?

The most impactful way to support Perkins is by actively participating as a community member – enrolling in classes, attending significant events such as open houses and concerts, and contributing through donations. Additionally, if you or your company is interested in supporting Perkins, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us! We value community engagement and aim to create an inclusive environment for everyone to connect with us.

Currently, Perkins is in the midst of significant facility updates, including the repair of both building roofs and renovations to the Perkins Carriage House, which will now feature a handicap-accessible bathroom and other enhanced accessibility measures. Similar improvements are planned for Perkins Center Collingswood.During these times, community support is critical, and Perkins wants to ensure that it can continue to provide high quality services for everyone.

The Development and Partnership department strongly urges you to consider donating to the Perkins Center this Giving Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. These sustaining donations allow Perkins to support its artists and staff members, while also ensuring high quality artistic education and exploration.

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