What is the Conservatory of Music at Perkins?

A brief introduction to the Perkins Center for the Arts Conservatory of Music, a unique and innovative institution in South Jersey that sets itself apart through its commitment to personalized education, expert faculty, celebration of diverse musical genres, and a mission to make music education accessible to all.


Nestled in the vibrant communities of Collingswood and Moorestown, the Perkins Center for the Arts stands as a cultural community asset, offering diverse lifelong arts education to South Jersey. Within our array of offerings lies  the Conservatory of Music—a space where aspiring musicians can uncover and develop their artistic voice. Allow this to be your personal guide, offering insights into the core of our music conservatory and inviting you to immerse yourself in the distinctive experiences available at the Perkins Center for the Arts.

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Defining the Conservatory of Music at Perkins:

The Perkins Center Conservatory of Music transcends the boundaries of a traditional music learning space; it serves as a  dedicated sanctuary for the arts, fostering exploration, practice, and appreciation of music.  Distinguishing itself from conventional music schools, our conservatory prioritizes training and performance opportunities, shaping the musicians of tomorrow. Perkins offers customized individual music lessons that are meticulously tailored through conversations with students (and parents if under 18). This approach ensures a positive learning environment, enhancing students’ growth and learning through personalized and comprehensive musical education.

“Music education teaches people to think, solve problems, take risks, think independently, and be entrepreneurs and innovators. The virtues of music education are the virtues of free enterprise in general and of a high tech, knowledge-based society in particular: flexibility, adaptability, inventiveness, even playfulness.”

– William E. LaMothe, C.E.O., Xerox Company

Inside the Conservatory at Perkins Center for the Arts:

Diverse Genres and Origins of Music:

A unique aspect of the Perkins Conservatory is its emphasis on celebrating the diverse origins of music. Students are actively encouraged to delve into and appreciate the intricate melodies of classical compositions, embrace the improvisational spirit of jazz, and engage with the rhythmic beats of world music. This platform provides musicians with an opportunity to expand their horizons and foster a profound appreciation for the cultural roots of music.

Expert Faculty:

At the core of our Conservatory’s success is our distinguished faculty. The Perkins Center for the Arts is proud to feature a team of seasoned and accomplished musicians who serve as mentors, guiding students along their musical journeys. These mentors, including performers for Al Gore, accomplished composers, and internationally renowned musicians, impart not only technical skills but also invaluable insights into the professional aspects of the music industry. This approach ensures a holistic education that extends beyond the mere notes on the page.

Enabling Lifelong Passion:

Perkins Center for the Arts transcends being solely a space for aspiring musicians; it’s a community dedicated to the belief in the transformative power of the arts. In an effort to make music education accessible to all, our conservatory actively provides ongoing scholarships, striving to eliminate financial barriers and ensure that passionate individuals can pursue musical excellence unhindered by economic constraints.

Early Music Education:

The journey of lifelong musical education and exploration starts with our New Mini Musician Programming, following the curriculum of early childhood music education based on the approaches by Professor Edwin E. Gordon and Dr. John Feierabend. This nationally recognized curriculum not only develops the musical potential of young children but also assists parents in recognizing and nurturing their children’s musical abilities. The class empowers young students to explore their innate inclination for chanting, singing, and movement as the initial steps toward comprehending melody, rhythm, and improvisation. Through interactive music sessions with parents and teachers, children discover the body as a primary introduction to musical instruments, fostering a hands-on and engaging approach to early musical development. Are you interested to learn more about Mini Musicians programming? Please visit our Mini Musicians Class page.

Recital and Performance Opportunities:

Our conservatory provides a variety of recital opportunities, including instructor-led recitals, collaborations with community partners, and performances integrated into various Perkins events. These experiences not only showcase students’ talents but also contribute to their growth as musicians.

Ready to Start Your Musical Journey?

In the heart of the Perkins Center for the Arts, the Conservatory of Music stands as a living testament to the belief that music is a universal language that transcends boundaries. If you are interested in studying music at Perkins Center for the Arts Conservatory of Music, we invite you to explore our Conservatory Page for more information or initiate the process of enrolling in classes by completing our New Student Form.

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