Photography 35 Awards Exhibition

MARCH 11 – APRIL 8 Artist Reception March 11th, 6-9pm   Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood Photography  35  Award Winners Exhibition featuring three outstanding artists in their field of photography from last year’s Photography 35 Exhibition. Philip Carroll, curator and Karen Chigounis, Director selected each artist, “ For their level of professionalism and mastery of the medium through Photography”, which has been the mainstay  of our Photography Exhibitions now in its 36th year. Howard Brunner says of his work, “My favorite thing to do is to walk through the urban environment and photograph whatever grabs my interest. Over the years, these urban walks have evolved into a spiritual practice— a walking meditation of sorts.” Barbara Warren says, “What are dreams? Some feel that dreams are messages from our subconscious; some feel that they are the brain’s way of sweeping out the detritus of the day. Whatever they are,

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