Future Exhibitions

2023-2024 Exhibitions Schedule

Collingswood gallery:

May/June– Main Gallery: “Space in Art” Jack Knight, Marc Opdycke, Pat Witt, and Bruce Jo / Loft Gallery: “Transcending Love” B. Proud

July/August– Main Gallery: “Plein Air Exhibition” Open Call / Loft Gallery: “Leni Lenape Collection” Tyrese Gould Jacinto

September/October– Main Gallery: Fiber Art by Cheryl Patton Wu and Abstract Collage by Bea Stenta/ Loft Gallery: Pastels by Michael Terenik

November/December-Main Gallery: 3D Wood/Glass Sculpture by Phil Rychert and Full Wall Graphite by Gregory Brellochs/ Loft Gallery: “Totemspaces” Nadine LaFond

January/February 2024-Main Gallery: Paintings by Sydnei Smith Jordan / Loft Gallery: Paintings and Collage by Quinton Green

March/April 2024– Main Gallery: Ceramics by David Gamber / Loft Gallery: “Shooting Hoops” Michael Paras

May/June 2024– Main Gallery: Fibers Exhibition including Shira Carrol, Marica Zisland, Carla Ezell, Asiyah Kurtz, and more / Loft Gallery: “Covid Words” Dolores Poacelli

July/August 2024– Main Gallery: “40 years Parts 1-3” Bruce Garrity and Sculpture by Shawn Garrity / Loft Gallery: “Focus on Family” Noreen Garrity (oil paintings)

September/October 2024– Main Gallery: Cityscape Oil Paintings by Josh George / Loft Gallery: Pencil Repetition in Nature by Ellen Rosenholtz

November/December 2024-Main Gallery: “Strobe Signature Show” 110 Invited Strobe Artists/ Loft Gallery: Collage and Encaustic art by Ted Warchal / Main Gallery: Weekend Pop-Up “Small Works Show and Sale

Moorestown gallery:

May/June– Member and Faculty Exhibition

July/August– “Whimsy Animal Creations” Molly Sanger Carpenter (clay, glass, paint, wall sculpture)

September/October– Fall Annual Juried Competition – Henri Meillier (juror/judge)

November 1-14 – Veteran’s Show

November 14/December– Kumiko wood designs by David Gootnick

January/February 2024– “Photography 43 – Point of View”

March/April 2024– Jim Militello Solo Exhibition

May/June 2024– Member and Faculty Exhibition

July/August 2024– Henri Meillier Solo Exhibition

September/October 2024– Fall Annual Juried Exhibition

November/December 2024– Joseph McAleers Solo Exhibition

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events