Perkins Renews Partnership with Samaritan Hospice Center for “Arts In Healing” Initiative

A Collaboration to Bring Comfort and Solace in End-of-Life Care

In the spring of 2023, Perkins and the Samaritan Hospice Center joined hands once again, launching an initiative called “Arts In Healing.” This collaborative project aimed to offer comfort and tranquility to families and staff navigating the profound challenges of end-of-life care.

Located in Voorhees, New Jersey, the Samaritan Hospice Center serves as a supportive hub, providing care and warmth to individuals in their final days. Featuring 18 suites with cozy living spaces for families, complemented by expansive windows overlooking peaceful gardens, the center ensures a comforting environment accessible round-the-clock.

Samaritan Hospice Center in Voorhees, New Jersey

Artist participating in Arts in Healing initiative by Perkins Center for the Arts at Samaritan Hospice center standing in front of their work. Led by Sharon Kiefer, Perkins’ Exhibition Curator, themed exhibitions graced the lobby and hallways from March to September 2023. Currently on display from September 2023 to March 2024. These artistic collaborations involve the contributions of 29 regional artists. Currently on display from March through September of 2024 are 10 new artists featuring spring/summer motifs. Samaritan Hospice Center has hosted artists’ receptions, nurturing community and support around each thoughtfully assembled collection.

This partnership showcases the powerful connection between art and compassion, illustrating how creativity can serve as a source of solace during life’s transitions. By aligning exhibitions with the seasons, the initiative honors the natural rhythm of life, bringing moments of peace and beauty to those on their end-of-life journey.

Artist participating in Arts in Healing initiative by Perkins Center for the Arts at Samaritan Hospice center standing in front of their work.

Artist participating in Arts in Healing initiative by Perkins Center for the Arts at Samaritan Hospice center standing in front of their work. The collaboration between Perkins and Samaritan Hospice Center underscores the profound impact of art in fostering comfort and healing during challenging times. Through themed exhibitions and inclusive community engagement, they create spaces of reflection and serenity, enriching the lives of patients, families, and caregivers alike.

Testimonials Reflecting Impact:
The impact of the Arts in Healing initiative reverberates through heartfelt testimonials from families, visitors, staff, and participating artists. These testimonials underscore the profound comfort and solace that art brings during life’s most tender moments.

From Families and Visitors:
My husband even went back this week to buy a cherry blossom painting he saw in the hallway because there was something about it that just brought him peace while looking at it. When we went to the cemetery after he passed last week, Tom looked up from where his dad’s plot was and lo and behold there was a beautiful cherry blossom tree in view. He had to go back and buy the painting after that sign! -Rachel H., family member

From Staff:
We are privileged to share in the beauty of the Arts in Healing exhibit. Each piece invokes a sense of comfort and calm that fosters healing and solace for patients and their families as they navigate life’s most tender moments. -Anne E., Spiritual Care Counselor.

We often encourage family members to take a few moments of respite to visit our Arts in Healing exhibit, and they frequently comment on how the artwork has brought them comfort and a sense of serenity. We are truly grateful to the artists who have shared their work with us. -Colleen F., Social Worker, The Samaritan Center, Voorhees

The artwork connects to everyone in a different way. Not a week goes by that either a family member, staff member or me, doesn’t stop and look at a particular painting. Reflecting on how it speaks to us and it what it says. It is a beautiful way to trigger a feeling, thought or memory. -Paula G., Samaritan Center Voorhees, Clinical Manager

From Artists: Art appreciaters in the Arts in Healing initiative by Perkins Center for the Arts at Samaritan Hospice Center standing in front of their work.
“My father was a hospice worker for 17 years in the Harrisburg area. He loved it and approached it as much as he could with love and humor. When he passed, it was in the hospice center he helped build. I was with him at the time. There was a legend in the building that patients reported a deer looking in the window at them the day or the night before they passed. The nurse told me my father saw it … which was interesting as the curtains were apparently drawn… when Sharon asked me [to participate], I looked at the deer painting which seemed to say, “follow me, there is a new light.” That deer was in my back yard and the solar halo was an image I took from my front yard. I have no idea what made me connect them, but clearly it was for this!” – Terri Amig, participating artist.

The “Arts In Healing” initiative at the Samaritan Hospice Center embodies compassion and comfort, offering solace to those facing end-of-life challenges. Through collaborative efforts, art becomes a profound expression of empathy. Testimonials from families, visitors, staff, and artists underscore its transformative power. As new exhibitions continue, may art continue to bring comfort and connection to all involved.

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