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The Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians will present a free strings performance in our Collingswood gallery on Monday, October 23rd at 4PM.

This performance is a part of their 3rd Annual Audience Appreciation Concerts: A Day of Free Performances Throughout Our Communities

One Monday each fall, The Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians (POM) organize a Day of Music throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. It is a simple gesture: the musicians giving back to their communities. This is something that most of the musicians already do throughout the year, each in their separate ways, but once a year, as a collective group, they pick one day to blanket the region’s neighborhoods with small, informal concerts, tokens of appreciation to those around the city who usually only hear the music from a distance in the concert hall. The musicians hope those who hear them in these more intimate settings will sense the joy and meaning music brings to all our lives and be enriched by the unique magic of music. This year on Monday, October 23, you can find Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians in schools, churches, synagogues, public plazas, libraries, universities, retirement homes, coffee shops and even SEPTA stations! Complete listing of events can be found on the musicians’ website, www.pomusicians.org or Facebook page Facebook.com/POMusicians.


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