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Locally Produced Water with Tim Robinson, Natural Resource Specialist Burlington County Soil Conservation District

Burlington County Soil Conservation District (BCSCD) strives to educate and assist the public in achieving a higher responsibility to protect our natural resources. In cooperation with state and federal agencies, the BCSCD helps to ensure proper soil health and water quality by using various management tools. Whether you are a farmer, developer, teacher, or an environmentally minded citizen, the BCSCD offers a variety of services, assistance and information for Burlington County residents.

When building, amending, or altering property in any way, soil erosion control is an extremely important practice that can improve land investments in various ways.  Not only is soil erosion control important to maintain the health of local and global waterways, the proper control can sustain and improve crop yields, reduce drainage costs, retain nutrients when applied and reduce hazards of eroding soil.

What can we do to improve soil health? Healthy soils can start with a single homeowner. Smart landscaping practices are essential to maintaining a healthy soil.  Native plants, reduced fertilizer use, and an overall consciousness of soil quality are all important factors to becoming a key player in the health of the environment around you.


Tim RobinsonTim Robinson, CPESC is a tie-loathing environmentalist who believes in being part of the solution. Tim joined the Burlington County Soil Conservation District (BCSCD) as a Natural Resource Assistant in 2006. With 10+ years of experience in the field of non-point pollution, with a concentration in erosion and sediment control; Tim has become a leader in his community excelling in his role as Natural Resource Specialist – regulatory professional and Environmental Education Coordinator at BCSCD.

Prior to joining BCSCD, Tim was an Environmental Scientist where he conducted phase I and phase II investigations for real estate property transactions. Tim also completed an internship at Lockheed Martin where he split time between the Environmental Health and Safety Department and Facility Engineering Department developing and implementing a comprehensive energy plan. With his work experience, insight gained from exploring the world as a member of a nonprofit organization, and knowledge gained from earning a B.S. in Environmental Health Science at Salisbury University in 2005, Tim is achieving his career goals of being part of the solution.

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