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Cheryl Patton Wu makes abstracted land, sea, and sky-scapes in fabric collages. The assembled fabric shapes, embellished and enhanced with machine stitch and hand embroidery, play with the material’s color, texture, and pattern, creating a finished piece evocative of a painting. These fabric paintings tell the story of her journey in the world, physical as well as emotional – where she’s been, what she’s seen, and where she’s at.

Bea Stenta is a Collage/Mix-Media artist known for her Cold Wax and oil paint creations on repurposed paper. She combines charcoal, textured paper, and acrylics while incorporating cold wax and oil paints for a unique texture. Inspired by her ocean view and current events, Beatrice’s art is a blend of memories and the present. Her work has been displayed at prestigious venues like Newark Museum and Bristol Museum, as well as in online shows during the pandemic.

Attend the free and open-to-the-public artists’ reception on Saturday, September 9 with light refreshments and live music


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