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Meet the Artists Reception:

Saturday, September 23rd 6pm- 9pm


Featuring the works of:
Bruce Garrity | Phillip J Carroll | Tracey Femiano

Bruce Garrity
His paintings are poetic explorations of pictorial inventions and equivalents for visual experience. The paintings act as sites for events that stem from perception, memory and the experience of history/art history.

Phillip J Carroll
Paints his experiences in oil and water color. Everyday objects, and excursions to the far corners of Maine and Nova Scotia provide inspiration for landscape, and still life works.

Tracey Femiano
Creates DistractedART using watercolor, ink, 300 lb paper and imagination. Each work is a story combining humor and invention as a constant theme.


Gallery Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10am- 2pm | Saturday 10am -2pm


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