Parks and Play

Whiff! Wiffle Ball Cup Tournament is an exemplar of Public Lore and Play in our Parks Play is as ancient as time. It is a necessary element of our socialism and interwoven into our daily lives.  We engage in informal playful banter:  playing jokes, playing upon one another, playing both ends against the middle, playing second fiddle, playing your cards well, playing fair, playing by the rules.  Our play easily moves from words to action.  Our public parks and town streets are virtual playgrounds.  We are rolling from summer into a fall full of play through festivals, exhibitions, performances, and tournaments hosted in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties. St. Anthony’s Italian Festival will be held in Glassboro on September 16. Dolls of Distinction Exhibition is at Smithville Park in Eastampton through September 17.  The Camden County Fair is in Blackwood, NJ September 23 and 24.   Here at Perkins Center for the Arts,

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