Perkins Center for the Arts brings to listening audiences a variety of podcasts that explore, the role of multi-disciplinary arts, folklife and culture in advocacy, protest, healing, and change.


Episode 1: Introduction

This initial episode introduces audiences to the reason and the season for Perkins Center podcast with a lead in philosophy on the role of artists in our society by the late great Nina Simone.

Episode 2: Gratified to be Ratified: NJ Celebrates 100 Years of 19th Amendment

Karen “Queen Nur” Abdul-Malik, Perkins Center Folklife Director interviews Greer Luce of the New Jersey Historical Commission who shares events in New Jersey in celebration of the 19th Amendment being ratified, along with stories of two bold New Jersey suffragists.

Episode 3: Synergy of a Suffragist: Traditions, Beliefs and Activism of Alice Paul

A more intimate look at the folklife of Alice Paul, suffragist who lead the 1913 Women’s March on Washington and the fight for the ratification of the 19th Amendment, through an interview with Lucy Beard, Executive Director of the Alice Paul Institute at Paulsdale in Morristown, New Jersey. We hear stories of Alice’s Quaker values, food traditions, and personal impact on her fight for equal rights.