Perkins Center for the Arts stands firmly in support of the Asian American community and with all who recognize that the diversity of American society is one of our greatest strengths. As a community focused organization, Perkins Center for the Arts is devoted to supporting the diversity of our communities and committed to dismantling systemic racism and inequities through the unifying work of the Arts.

Perkins stands committed to denouncing racism, racial injustice and all forms of violence, discrimination, and bigotry. These hateful actions have no place in our communities. Perkins is committed to providing safe, creative spaces for expression free from discrimination and harassment.

Perkins Center for the Arts was established in 1977 and was predicated upon the legacy of the fundamental Quaker principals of integrity, equality, simplicity, and community as stipulated by the Perkins family. Perkins remains committed to the continuing assessment of its own efforts, engagements, strategies, and initiatives. Perkins will continue to examine its organizational structure through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion and will raise its voice in conjunction with, and on behalf of, our colleagues, friends, and all community members.

Perkins is steadfast in its alliance with all who challenge violence and oppression while amplifying the voices of the artists, educators, tradition keepers, community organizations, and social agencies striving for systemic change.

Perkins invites our members, students, parents, faculty, patrons, and visitors to join the Perkins staff and board as we work toward building a community of respect, equality, and unity through the transformative and healing properties of the arts.