Monique Legaré is an internationally known teacher of Folk Dance and a native of Montréal, Canada. She trained and performed with les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal Ballet Company and studied dance in Canada, USA, and Poland. She graduated from the Choreography School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and did extensive research on folk dance in Hungary.

She taught on the North American continent, Poland and Ukraine, and is an authority on French Canadian clogging. Seminars and workshops where she taught include Texas Folk Dance Camp, Mainewoods Folk Dance Camp, and Ontario Folk Dance Camp among others.

A remarkably versatile dancer, she directs the Monique Legaré International Dance Company and the Professional Dance Academy of Montgomery County, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1985, the Monique Legaré International Dance Company performs folk dances from 15 countries including Turkey, Armenia, Bulgaria, England, France, French-Canada, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Puerto Rico. The Company toured Ukraine in 1995. Other remarkable highlights of the Company’s history include training and repertoire from Gagik Karapetian, artistic director of the Armenian state ensemble and Sergei Anikin from the Moiseyev Ballet.

With late husband Morley Leyton, she won first place at the 2003 and 2004 state of Pennsylvania’s Polka dance championships.

Since 2008 she assumes the artistic direction of the Janosik Polish Dancers founded by her late husband in 1971. At her dance studio where the two folk dance companies rehearse, she teaches Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Social Dance.

She taught social dance at various local Adult school education programs, including Montgomery County Community College for 12 years.

Monique holds a Bachelor’s degree with major in Theater and minor in Fine Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal in Canada and a second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Arcadia university formerly Beaver College.


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