Eco Del Sur means “echoes of the south” and the group was founded in 2000 with the idea to preserve the heritage and culture of different Latin American regions. The group’s first album was released in 2001. The performers include Jorge Gomez, Jose Fernandez and Julio Verano from Colombia, Robert F. Hernandez and Marlon Lopez from Ecuador, Enrique Lombardo from Paraguay, and Alfredo de la Rosa from Dominican Republic.

Each member has mastered several indigenous and contemporary instruments. Some of these instruments used by Eco Del Sur include: zampoñas, quenas, quenachos, antaras, zencas, rondador, ocarinas, moxenos, flute, charango, mandolin, guitar, Venezuelan cuatro, bass, congas, bombo, tambora, bongos, Peruvian cajon, maracas, guiro, claves, rain sticks, guaza, chakchas, etc.

The music of Eco Del Sur includes a wide range of styles and rhythms. Some of these rhythms include the huayňo, sanjuanito, carnaval, chacarera, joropo, zamba, cueca and were influenced by the Pre-Columbian and the Spanish cultural heritages. Other rhythms characteristic of the Pacific Coast, Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean include the cumbia, porros, guajira, lando, festejo, etc; these rhythms had a great contribution from the African heritage and culture.

Eco Del Sur has performed at various festivals, universities and libraries in the Eastern United States. The band members have put a lot of hours in the composition and arrangement of their songs, and have prepared a large repertoire of famous Latin American songs that are now part of the world popular culture.