Folk Arts in Education programming offers residencies, workshops and performances to schools, senior citizens facilities and community centers in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties. At the intersection of folklife, anthropology and education, Folk Arts in Education programming gives students the opportunity to:

  • explore sense of place and cultural identity metaphor and story, ethnic celebrations and other traditions.
  • Observe artists while they work and learn about their cultural backgrounds
  • Interact with instruments, tools and objects and become makers of their own art; and
  • Safely discuss deeper issues with their teachers and families, such as cultural differences and thought and structural processes that lead to prejudice.

Art forms include African Drumming, Korean Dance, Storytelling, Latin Dance, Tea Making, Steel Drums, Tai Chi, Middle Eastern Calligraphy and Taking Oral Histories.

For more information on Folk Arts in Education residencies, contact the Director of Education, Allison Hunt at

Artist Roster