The Butterfly

Storytelling, Performance Poetry and Spoken Word in the Oral Tradition

Join us, as we radically change minds and hearts at transformative, uncensored adult storytelling concerts.

The Butterfly is a FREE community storytelling concert held the 4th Tuesday of each month at our Collingswood location from 7:00-8:30 pm.

Storytelling is the first art form.  From its inception on the continent of Africa, storytelling has been steeped in communal ethos.  It is an amalgamated event of teller and audience.  It teaches lessons, empowers voice and maintains societal values.  It makes us laugh, cry, gasp, hold on and release — It connects.

If you would like to participate as a teller, please Submit to Tell Here by the 1st Tuesday of the Month.

Call for Featured tellers for the Following Themes:

2019 Schedule:

March 26: Herstory
April 23: Love Me, Love Me Not
May 28: Lessons from the Little Ones
June 25: Inspired Curiosity
July 23: First Time
August 27: Rhythms of Life (Perkins Center Mash Up with Oral Tradition, plus Music)
September 24: Scars
October 22: Mountains and Valleys
November 26: The Holidays

Be encouraged to indulge your creativity around the theme.

Becoming American

The Folklife Center at Perkins Center for the Arts documents and presents the folklore and culture of Burlington, Gloucester and Camden counties through fieldwork, research and programming.

For more information, click here.

Tastefully South Jersey

South Jersey Exhibition and Workshop Series is an exploration into folk art and culture through the lens of food traditions primarily in Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden Counties.  The three-county engagement celebrates diverse food arts and food through African American (Caribbean influence, West African influence and Soul food), Eastern European (Polish, Turkish) and Latin (Mexican and Peruvian) communities. The program engages local partnerships from planning to implementation. The fieldwork and collaborations include practitioners, artists, community organizations, local businesses and community culture keepers.

The project developed out of the recognition of our shared belief in the value of diversity in our State, which is one of our most significant and valuable characteristics.  We conducted fieldwork in 2017-2018 and hosted the  Tastefully South Jersey Exhibition at our Collingswood Gallery July 12 – August 25, 2018.

Special Events  blended shared traditions of storytelling, healing arts, visual arts, song and music concerts with food folklore. The Exhibition is followed by a series of workshops and classes in the Fall 2018,  Winter and Spring 2019  to foster dialogue around the intersection of folk arts, food and family values, communal ethos,  health and sustainable communities.

Check our education calendar for upcoming details on Folklife workshops.

Tastefully South Jersey Exhibition and Workshop Series is made possible in part  by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, New Jersey Council of Humanities, the National Endowment of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


New Jersey State Council on the Arts Homebound Project

Discover Your Community

The Folklife Project at Perkins Center for the Arts began in 2010, engaging Folklorist Thomas Carroll to travel, meet, and document the many and diverse communities and ethnic groups throughout Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties.  From Mr. Carroll’s fieldwork, we’re excited to have discovered more about individuals and groups within our region, their history and culture, and to provide that information to the community.  Visit Toms’s Blog to learn about self-guided folk art installation tours and more.

Continue to follow us, as our current Folklife Center Director, Karen Abdul-Malik advances the exploration of the rich and treasured folklife traditions in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties.  Check back often as we continue to engage communities by conducting fieldwork, expanding our Blog, building our SJ Folklife Internet Resource Center, and  integrating folks arts more deeply into the fabric of Perkins Center for the Arts.

Resources for Folk Artists