Spirit Invincible

On Tuesday, October 2, staff and youth from the Center for Family Services welcomed visitors, funders and participants to witness the unveiling of “Spirit Invincible,” at Benson House in Camden.  The mural project which began more than 18 months ago came to fruition on this evening when this deeply moving mosaic mural was dedicated. The mural, Spirit Invincible, welcomes residents, staff and visitors to the Benson House. Incorporating more than 2,000 handcrafted clay tiles made by residents, IMANI students, staff, and teaching artist Paul Serena.  Through stylized symbolism, the mural follows a spirit’s challenging journey towards successful, achievable outcomes, a relatable story about human perseverance. Upon entering you are met with the Benson House, capturing the home’s architectural beauty and the welcoming hands we offer to all who seek aid and comfort here. From the entryway landing we see a spirit in a small boat in turbulent water, who is

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