Perkins Center for the Arts is continuously monitoring and staying abreast of the guidelines for operation during COVID-19 and issued by the CDC, the NJ Dept. of Health and the Governor’s Office of NJ. Check below to find out how we are managing onsite programming to keep staff and students safe.

We appreciate your partnership in making Perkins Center a safe and welcoming place for all members of our communities. We thank you for your partnership as we all navigate the landscape together and for making Perkins Center a safe and welcoming environment for all. If you have questions, please call 856.235.6488.

On May 14, 2021, Executive Order No. 241 was signed by Governor Murphy. The order lifted the outdoor mask mandate due to CDC guidance, COVID-19 metrics, and vaccine administration. The order recognizes the latest updates from the CDC which has “continued to emphasize the outdoor environments pose a lesser risk of transmission of the virus…” The order also recognizes that infants and children up to age 11 are not currently eligible for vaccination…it is appropriate to exercise additional caution in settings that involve that population in outdoor spaces. We thank you for your continued cooperation and patience as we all make this journey together.

Order No. 241 signed on Friday, May 28 is aware that “different masking rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals” would mean that Perkins Center for the Arts “would bear the burden of distinguishing between vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons.” The Perkins Center staff is not in a position to bear this burden. Perkins Center respects the rights of each individual member, student, staff member, faculty member, and patron.

Therefore, Perkins Center for the Arts will not require masks in any outdoor setting at the Moorestown or Collingswood buildings. However, recognizing that there continues to be some risk of COVID-19 spread, it is highly encouraged those unvaccinated individuals continue to wear masks where distancing is not an option, and when attending a function inside the Perkins Center for the Arts buildings. Children ages 11 and under will still be required to wear face masks when inside the buildings for events, classes, and summer camp at this time.  Perkins Center for the Arts requires faculty working directly with children should be masked as well.

Perkins Center will implement the following prevention and mitigation strategies to slow and limit COVID-19 exposure and spread:

NEW General Health Policies and Procedures- Perkins Center for the Arts is diligently following all guidance for public institutions to maintain a healthy and safe environment.  The Center requests that everyone observe the following measures to promote a healthy environment including:

    • Staying home when ill
    • Proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
    • Avoiding touching your face as much as possible
    • Reporting illnesses and symptoms to the Director of Education
  1. Hand wash and hand sanitizer stations will be provided in numerous areas around the building.
  2. Perkins has enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures using EPA approved disinfectants and following CDC guidance. Regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces will be performed regularly throughout the day by staff and instructors.
  3. Bathrooms and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day by Perkins staff in addition to contracted evening cleanings.
  4. Regarding COVID-19: If Perkins Center becomes aware that an individual tests positive for COVID-19, we will immediately notify the Department of Health, local health officials, staff, students, and instructors of a confirmed case while maintaining confidentiality. Close contacts and/or sick staff members or students that have had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure should not return to Perkins Center until they have met CDC’s criteria to discontinue home
  5. Closures– If Perkins Center needs to close the center for any reason, students will be given prorated credits for cancelled classes. We cannot offer refunds at this time.

CDC Community Health Guidance

CDC What You Need to Know

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