Expressing the Inner Desire to Create through Handcrafted Beer

On Saturday, May 19th, the Perkins Center for the Arts will host Handcrafted ,an event celebrating local artistry with craft beer, food truck faire, and live musical performances. In previous years, New Jersey laws prohibited home breweries from selling their beers, limiting the amount of people able to enjoy local handcrafted alcohol.  After changes to the law took effect, the Perkins Center was inspired to hold an event that introduces locals to New Jersey’s beer craft. Handcrafted is  a celebration meant to support New Jersey craft beer culture and the many factions of creativity that occur at Perkins. The event showcases inner creativity of artisans.  Executive Director, Karen Chigounis states, “The creativity doesn’t just happen on a canvas… It happens in the kitchen. It happens in your writing… It happens if we make room.   We should be the ones making room to celebrate creativity.” In previous years, attendees of the event participated in

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